To create a new Single Banner, click Add Section > find Single Banner > Click Add button.


1 - Settings


  • Boxed layout: Add a padding around the main wrapper. 
  • Manual height: Adjust the banner height to fit your store's interface.

2 - Content

  • Firstly, you need to insert an image for display. Maximum number of banner can be added is 01.
  • With bigger image, you can use the Image crop field to choose a display position.
  • Content direction field lets the user modify the text direction to be vertical or horizontal.

  • Heading image
  • Insert an Image to use as a heading for your banner.

  • Paragraph & button
  • Text 1 is displayed like a heading.
  • Text 2 is displayed like a subheading.
  • Add a button easily by inserting a Button label and link it to another page with Button URL field.

  • Product to sell
  • Attach a Product item to help your customers notice the current promotion.
  • You can choose to show the product's price or product's label (including sale percent) by tick on the boxes.
  • Customize popup content field is used to add additional content for the sale tag above.

  • Custom content
  • Customize the content by using SVG.

[+] Content wrapper 

To modify the text block, click Add content > create a new [+] Content wrapper ticket.

  • Adjust the Text block position by inserting values in percent unit in order of Left : Top. For the horizontal content, the left value will be disabled. 
  • Text alignment: Left/ Center/ Right.

The Text alignment only affects when content direction is Vertical.

[+] SVG content

To modify the custom SVG content, click Add content > create [+] SVG content.

The elements can be set are:

  • Color
  • Font size
  • Font weight
  • Margin

[+] Button

To modify the button display, click Add content > create [+] Button.

The elements can be set are:

  • Font size
  • Background & text colors
  • Font weight
  • Padding
  • Rounded corners

[+] Paragraph

To modify the text 1 and text 2 from banner, click Add content > create [+] Paragraph.

The elements can be set are:

  • Font size and font weight
  • Text color
  • Margin
  • Line height

[+] Product

To modify the product's prices and label, click Add content > create [+] Product.

The elements can be set are:

  • Margin
  • Prices settings (main price & old price)
  • Color
  • Font size
  • Font weight

  • Sale label settings: the elements which can be set are
  • Position: Using percent unit to add value.
  • You can also adjust the tag's width for more comfortable look.
  • Font size and font weight
  • Background and text color

[+] Sub image

To modify the heading image, click Add content > create [+] Sub image.

The elements can be set are:

  • Image max width: Adjust the image size to fit better on the banner.
  • Margin: Add a custom margin around the image.

How to insert values for your theme.