1 - Change Layout direction for all languages

  • Step 1: Go to Theme settings > General settings
  • Step 2: In Layout direction field
  • RTL: Right to left (content starting from the right)
  • LTR: Left to right (content starting from the left)

2 - Change Layout direction for a specific language

(Multilingual shop)

You can find more detailed guide here about how to add other languages, how to translate your site, etc.

  • Step 2: From Shopify admin > Apps > open Atranslate
  • Step 3: Switch to Translation tab > choose the language which you would like to have its layout direction to be different.

  • Step 4: Go to Online store theme > General > use the search bar and find "LTR"
  • Step 5: At translation form, write down the direction you want (RTL/LTR) then click Save

  • Step 6: Check your result