An item editing page’s header contains some function buttons like the picture below:

1. At the left side we have a “Back-to-resource-list” button (1)

2. At the right side:

  • Left – right arrow buttons: go to previous – next item. (2)
  • Sync (3): if by any means your metafield value on Shopify has any changes or differences from its value stored on ACF app, this button can be used to update metafield value on ACF app to match with Shopify’s system.


Sync button only updates fields existing on ACF database.

  • Preview (4): to view current item page on your store site.
  • More actions:

-    Edit Fields (5): to go to the corresponding field page on “Custom Fields” – “Configuration” tab to edit fields or groups.

-    Go to Admin (6): to go to the corresponding Shopify admin page of the current item. For example, if the current view is product item A, by clicking this button you will be redirected to product item A’s Shopify admin page, where you can edit product item A.