Step 1: At the “Metafields” tab, choose a resource you want to edit.

Step 2: According to the resource you pick, it will show a corresponding resource list. Pick an item and you will be taken to its page for creating/editing metafield(s).


You can use the search bar to search for items. Find out how to use search bar [here]

Step 3: On the chosen item’s page, a list of metafields will show up.

A layout of metafield editors comprises 2 parts, header and body. Each field’s form has 2 main parts: the left side displays a metafield’s Name space, Key, Value type and right space for value inputting.

You can directly edit your available fields except their “Name space” and “Key”.

Step 4: To create a new metafield, click the “Create Metafield” button from the page header’s right side. Please fill in the form with your will.


After saving, you will not be able to edit the field’s “Name space” and “Key” anymore.

Step 5: Once you have finished creating/editing value(s) for metafield(s), click “Save” to update everything on Shopify.