After you have created the first Instagram widget, click the Edit button of the feed you want to modify.


An widget settings interface has 3 main tab: Content, Layout and Colors

Content tab

There are 2 main sections – Filters and Settings

Filters are used for adjusting number of displayed posts.

Settings is used for adjusting images fit, page’s data loading style and shoppable function.

Layout tab

Layout tab will decide how your feed will turn out!

  • You can change your Instagram Feed’s title with “Feed title” and “Feed title size
  • Customize your feed layout with 3 options: Grid, Carousel or Masonry style.
  • Modify post template with 2 display types: Tile (for minimal view) or Classic (with more information).
  • Columns for modifying the number of post cards will be displayed on each row and the space (or padding) between two of them.
  • Post Settings for modifying the look of posts and post popup.
  • If you choose the Carousel layout, there will be one more section – Carousel Controls. It is used for adjusting sliding style and mobile optimization.

Colors tab

In this tab you can customize the color of each element as your preference.

  • Post colors: to adjust posts' colors
  • Popup colors: to adjust posts' popup colors