You can only add Instagram feeds into the 'Published' theme. Once you have published a new theme, please wait 2 minutes for the app files to be populated in the new theme's code before continuing.

Step 1: After creating an Instagram feed for your store, you may have noticed an Insert Code right next to the feed's name. Click Copy.

Step 2: From your Admin page, click Online store > Themes > Customize.

Step 3: In the Template Editor scroll down and click Add Section.

In the Add Section interface, find the Advanced Instafeed App option, turn it on and click Select.

Paste the code into the box and click Save.

There is another way to add Instagram Feed to pages of your Shopify store:

  • Paste the feed code into the theme's code of the page you want to add Instagram feed.
  • In this example I added the feed code into the product page’s theme code: