1 – Remove individual Feed

  • In the Widget list, click the Delete button of the feed you want to remove.

  • Confirm your deletion.

2 – Disconnect with Facebook

Business Account:

  • Log into your Facebook account connected to your Business's Instagram account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Business Integrations from the list.
  • Choose the app and click Remove.

Personal Account:

  • Log into your Instagram, go to Settings.
  • Choose Apps and Websites from the list.
  • Choose the app and click the Remove button.

3 – Remove remaining codes

After removing the feed gallery from the store, to ensure technical integrity, you should remove the application's and the feeds' codes in your theme code.

Step 1: Go to the Themes tab under the Online Store in your myShopify admin homepage.

  • Choose Actions > Edit code.
  • To remove feed (preset) codes, simply go back to the file you pasted the feed's code in. It is ideal to keep tracking of those files for easy adding/removing of feeds.

Step 2: To remove the app's code from your theme's data, you will need to remove them from theme.liquid file, as well as arn-aif.css and arn-aif.js from the theme code's Assets.

  • To find the app's code in the theme.liquid file, please follow the picture below:

  • To find arn-aif.css and arn-aif.js from the theme code's Assets, simply type 'aif' on the search bar.

Step 3: Click each file then click the Delete file button.