1 - Top bar

  • Inside this tab, we can adjust announcement bar settings such as colors, opacity, text font size and font weight.
  • To modify its content, please go to static section - Top bar settings.

2 - Header

  • In here, you will see the settings for the header's colors and all icons contained in it:
  • Favicon
  • Loading icon
  • Account icon
  • Search icon
  • Wishlist icon
  • Compare icon
  • Cart icon

3 - Navigation

The elements you can edit are:

  • Link color
  • Text size
  • Font weight

Like the main menu, you can adjust mega menu appearance as well

  • Background color
  • Link item color
  • Text size
  • Font weight

  • Use the color picker to get the color you want.
  • There are 03 available labels: Hot, New and Sale.
  • To learn how to set the labels, please go to Static section - Header settings.

Where you can find color selection of the site footer.

  • Newsletter box background and footer background are separated.
  • Other elements are
  • Footer copyright background
  • Text color
  • Link color
  • Font size & font weight

5 - Product Card

Used on Home page's sections and Collection product grid.

Text settings

  • Title size & font weight
  • Price size & font weight

Product style

  • Style selection (Add to cart button's position)
  • Check boxes for turning on/off the the padding and the shadow around the card (hover effect)

Product image

  • For the best result, all images should be in the same ratio. You can choose available options in the drop-down box and use the tool to auto crop everything.
  • The theme has 10 hover effects for you to choose from.
  • Overlay color appears with some effect like Fade In one.

Swatch item

  • Fill in the blank with variants' title which you want to display on the product card. Separate each value with a comma.
  • Color variants can be shown as images instead of normal swatches
  • Other settings
  • Swatch shape
  • Limit swatch items to show
  • Swatch size

Product label

  • New and Hot labels work based on product tags while Sale label will auto appear when a sale price is added.

6 - Fomo Popup

Fomo Popups display real-time customer activity notifications on your store. You can use it as a Social Proof Markteting Tool to Boost Conversions.

  • Please refer to this post for more information.

7 - EU policy popup

  • To modify the popup position, open the Position drop-down box for more selections.
  • You can also link the popup to the policy page and change display colors.
  • Popup's text can be found in Edit Languages > General > Cookie.

8 - Cart page

  • At the top of the section you'll see the check box of
  • Disable Ajax cart (a.k.a cart drawer)
  • Enable catalog mode: By turning on this, all Add to cart button will be hide on your store (including product pages), make it become a preview site.
  • Page display style: Divided into different industries.
  • Cart effect on desktop: Cart drawer position.

  • Other information can be added are
  • Terms and conditions
  • Free shipping: May require a minimum spend to apply
  • Shipping calculator: Count the needed amount to have the free shipping.

9 - Social sharing

  • The total icons can be added are 05. Default settings are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Youtube.
  • Users are able to select between using Font icon or Image. Only related fields will affect.

10 - Checkout

Shopify does not allow users to make special changes on the checkout page but you are still able to modify some basic settings such as

  • Banner and logo insert
  • Set display styles for Main content area as well as order summary section.
  • Typography
  • Links, buttons, messages'... colors