1. Content

- Click "Add content" to have products from Collection on tabs

- Add Big Content to display special product 

  • Set Title for each tab that you created
  • Select the Collection item and Big product item that you want its product display on tab
  • Modify Big product position and its Width

2. Settings

  • Section Label
    Name the section. E.g Product Tabs
  • Layout 

  • Box Layout 
  • Choose Background Color or Background Image for the section
  • Background Image: modify those features of background

- Size

- Image Repeat

- Image Position

- Section Padding: follow the order: Top Right Bottom Left

  • Section Heading
  • Select the Heading alignment: Left / Center / Right
  • Add Text for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2 as you wish > modify colors for them (blank to inherit color)

  • Slider Settings 
    Select the features if you want each of them to apply to a display
  • Enable Slider
  • Enable Autoplay
  • Enable Loop
  • Show Next & Preview Arrows
  • Show Dots
  • Tab Settings

  • Set active tab by Default: horizontally drag to set which tab will appear first. Value is the tab order number
  • Tab content margin: order - Top Right Bottom Left. add a comma to separate the settings for Desktop and Mobile. e.g 30px 0 0 0,20px 0 0 0
  • Show Button by ticking
  • Alter the Button Text
  • Drag horizontally to choose the Button Style

  • Tab Title Settings

  • Position: select a placement to show Tab Title
  • Item alignment: Right / Center / Left
  • Use Main color as background
  • Alter the Tab color and Tab Hover color (blank to inherit color)
  • Select Border style for Tab
  • Spacing between Title itemsDrag to have more space between each tab
  • Item padding: add a comma to separate the setting for each interface. Eg: 10px 25px,10px 20px,10px 15px - Desktop, Fullscreen, Mobile (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)
  • Alter font size and font weight for Text Items
  • Layout Content

  • Text align for product title: Left / Center / Right
  • Max number of items per row: use commas to separate the settings for each interface. E.g: 4,3,2
  • Total items: allow the number of items per tab
  • Tick to have Item Padding and Border Radius
  • Alter the color for Title Product and Price Product