1. Settings

Created by 'Slideshow v1' section. Please try to keep your slideshow images, videos the same size

Section Label

Create a title for your slideshow 


  • Tick to have Box Layout
  • Modify Background Color
  • Background Image: modify the  Image Size, Image Repeat, Image position for the background
  • Section Paddling: Follow the order: Top Right Bottom Left

Slideshow Settings

  • Slider Height: select an option for the height of Slider showcase
  • Slider height (in %)modify the height in %

Eg: 580px,30%,29%

  • Use Parallax: is the effect makes the images move when you scroll
  • Set active slide by defaultset what slide will be displayed first by selecting the number of slides 
  • Loop: give you a repeat effect to the slideshow
  • Centre Slide: give transparency to the slideshow
  • Slide content overlay
  • Slide view (Optional)

Auto Slides

  • Change slide every second: drag to choose the time
  • Slideshow Animation: select an option for slideshow style
  • Show Navigator Next Preview: is the arrow button 
  • Show Pagination: is the dots that display the recent slide
  • Navigation & Pagination Style: drag to choose the style for Navigation and Pagination
  • Modify the color for Thumbnail, Navigation background, and Pagination
  • Drag to alter the transparency for the navigator background > choose the color for it, too
  • Navigation arrows size: Eg. 24px
  • Pagination dots margin: Eg. 20px 7px (order: top right bottom left)
  • Alter the Pagination dots width and height  (in px)
  • Border Radius dots (%)
  • Pagination position: select a positon for pagination
  • Thumb image max width


This is only for Desktop

  • Category title: give the title for the Category as followed: <b>All Categories</b>
  • Category type: select to choose a type for Category (If Category type is 'Selected categories', please go to Content and add Category you want to show)
  • Number of items to show: drag to choose the item quantity
  • Category type "Menu": click "change" to change the Menu Category type, click "edit" to modify the Menu elements

  • Tick to enable navigation highlight item
  • Menu items: Input menu titles, add a separator ";" to each title
  • Enable Sale Label: You can change the label's text by going to theme's Language > Menu > Label
  • Sale's title: Input menu title, each title per line
  • Do the same with New and Hot Label 

2. Content 

Click "Add Content" to have more content on the slideshow


General Slide Style Settings

  • Horizontal and Verticle Position: drag to alter the position for the text on slideshow

  • Content max width (in %): Eg. 80%, 100%
  • Padding content (px): order: Top Right Bottom Left
  • Content background color
  • Background Transparency: Drag to modify the transparency of the background
  • Padding button
  • Button corners radius

* Modify Font Size for: Eg:

- Heading: 36px,30px,26px

- Subheading: 34px,28px,24px

- Subheading 2: 24px

- Button: 16px,14px,12px 

Breakpoint: xl,lg,md,sm,xs,xxs

* Modify Text color for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Button text, Button border, Button background-color

* Modify Text Box Font Weight for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Button

*Modify Margin Bottom (in px): Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2

* Modify Letter Spacing (in px): Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Button

* Modify Line Height: Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Button

* Animation Content and Delay Time: Select the animation styles and delay time for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Button. 

Slide Item

  • Image: Select or Upload your own image to display on slideshow
  • Image position: fill the blank to set the exact position for the slide. E.g: left center, 80% center
  • Video link: or you can paste a video link
  • Thumbnail: select the image to get a thumbnail to that slide. Thumbnail is a mini version of the image you set, you can choose the same image as the slider or not (it will be shown under the Pagination)
  • Thumbnail text: it is shown next to the thumbnail image 

  • Overlay color: set the color for the whole slider (note: the color will work when you choose Customize style option in Text Box Layout below)
  • Overlay opacity: the more in % you drag, the more in opacity the color gets
  • Slide link: paste a link or search the available one you insert a link to slides



  • Textbox content style: choose a style for the textbox (Inherit General style is a default setting style, to customize the textbox, select Cuztomize Style)
  • Set the position for the textbox by drawing in Horizontal and Vertical way.
  • Text box alignment: choose an option Left/ Center/ Right 
  • Content max width (in %): E.g: 80%, 100%
  • Padding content in px: Order: Top Right Bottom Left (Eg: 5px 20px 5px 20px)
  • Content background-color: alter the color for the background and its Background transparency