Slideshows & Banners

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To add content to the Section, click "Add Content" 

1. Content

There are two main sections to add to the content: 

  • General Sliders Styles: this will modify generally the Slide Items

  • General Banners Styles: this will modify generally the Sidebar Banners and Bottom Banners

2. Settings

Created by 'Slideshow v2' section. Please try to keep your slideshow images, videos the same size

  • Section Label: Name for this whole section (Eg: Slideshows & Banners)
  • Layout:
  • Tick to have Box Layout for the section
  • Slider Height: select the height for the slider
  • Slider height (in %): or you can modify the exact height for the slider
  • Use Parallax: when you scroll up/down, the images of the section will have an animation effect as you move
  • Set active slide by default
  • Auto Slides
  • Change slides every: drag to set how many seconds for automatically changing slides
  • Slideshow Animation: select a slide animation styles for the slideshow
  • Navigator
  • Tick to have Show Navigator Next Prev & Pagination on the slideshow
  • Drag to set the Navigation & Pagination Style

  • Set the color for Thumbnail text, Pagination, Navigation background, Navigation
  • Background transparent: the more in % you set, the more opacity the background gets
  • Set the ratio for Navigator and Pagination

- Navigation arrows size: E.g: 24px

- Pagination dots margin: E.g: 5px  (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)

- Pagination dots width: in px

- Pagination dots height: in px

- Pagination position: select an option to place the Pagination

  • Column Content
  • Tick Spacing Columns to have the spaces between each content in the section
  • Spacing settings: Eg: 15px

  • Slideshow height: Set Auto or Fill
  • Slideshow column width (1->12). 0 to hide. E.g: 4,6,12
  • Banner column width (1->12). 0 to hide. E.g: 4,6,12

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