Products Recommendation 


    Tick to have the Boxed layout

    Section Padding: Insert the values in order of Top Right Bottom Leftto adjust the padding for the section, Eg: 50px 0px 50px 0px.

    1. Background

  • Tick to enable Full section background
  • Background color: Set any color for the background by using the color picker.
  • Limit: Drag to limit the number of products is shown on a row (0 is unlimited)

2. Slider Settings

Max number of items per row: The number of the categories exhibited on a row, 

                                                         Eg: 4,3,2 (desktop: 4, mobile: 3, tablet: 2

    Spacing between items: To adjust the space between 2 text boxes, fill in the Item spacing field, Eg: 20px.

    Tick to enable:

Loop: The image slide moves and returns to the first slide

Control: Show arrows to move slides easier. 

Dots: Show available pages with dots at the section bottom.  

    Autoplay: auto-changed

    Change slide every (s): Drag to adjust the slide movement speed , Eg: 4s

3. Section Heading

    Input the Heading and Subheading into the empty box.


  • Page Layout: choose an option between a Wide or Boxed layout
  • Tick to Show vendor on each item
  • Image Ratio: there are several options for you to select a suitable ratio for the image
  • Tick to have Image Auto Crop feature
  • Title line limit: choose a number to display how many lines of the title on each item
  • Customize image ratio: choose image to customize the ratio

  • Hover Style: 3 styles

  • Enable Wishlist
  • Enable Compare