• Resource indicates types of subjects supported by ACF, which are: products, product variants, collections, blogs, posts, pages, customers, orders, shop.

  • Resource list is an item list of a specific resource. For example if the current selected resource is products, its corresponding resource list will be a list of products.

  • Collections and orders are 2 special resources which each of them has 2 types of resource list.

  • Collections:

  • Orders:

  • Group is used to contain a block of fields.

  • A field represents a type of the field editor and can be placed in or outside a root group. When a field is inside a root group, its two attributes “Repeatable” and “Field applies to” will depend on the root group’s attributes.

  • [Unrepeatable (Non-repeatable) – Repeatable]

  • Bulk editor: according to Shopify’s document: “with the bulk editor, which is similar to a spreadsheet, you can edit multiple products and their variants at once from your Shopify admin”. In terms of metafield, it can be used to edit products, product variants, collections, pages or posts (articles) metafields.

  • Field editor is used to input content to a metafield.

  • JSON files are created by ACF when you export data.

  • Search bar is used to search for items in a resource list.


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