New field’s setting

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When you create a new field, a pop-up will appear with these following attributes:

  • Hide Field: to set whether this field will be hidden.
  • Repeatable Field: to set whether this field will be repeatable.
  • Namespace: This is metafield namespace (A category or a container that differentiates your metadata from other metafields.). Default is 'arena'. Please note that this attribute will become uneditable once field has value.
  • Key: Required. This is the metafield key (The name of the metafield.). Please note that this attribute will become uneditable once the field has value.
  • Label: Required. This is a field label.
  • Instruction: to set field instruction.
  • Field applies to: to select the context(s) for which you would like this field to be editable. By default, fields are editable for all contexts. This attribute only appears in some resources: Products, Product Variants, Collections, Pages, Blogs and Posts.
  • Allow selection of multiple values: to set whether this field allows selection of multiple values. This attribute is only present on some types of the fields.

Based on the field’s type, there will be some additional attributes:

1 – Text field

Text Field Size: to adjust the number of text lines to be visible when editing.

2 – Selection field

Add values for selection

3 – Choice field

Use icon?: to set whether choices will be displayed as icons. There are 2 things to notice if this option is checked:

Input value must be in format: Choice label::: icon's class name. Accordingly, “choice label” and “icon’s class name” must be separated by 3 colons :::

For example:

a. Choice label: Left, Icon’s class name: fas fa-align-left => Left::: fas fa-align-left

b. Choice label: Center, Icon’s class name: fas fa-align-center => Center::: fas fa-align-center

c. Choice label: Right, Icon’s class name: fas fa-align-right => Right::: fas fa-align-right

Choice field only supports Font Awesome 5’s free icons. To get icon’s class name, please follow instruction:

a.    Access this [link] and pick a free icon.

b.    Copy icon’s class name.

4 – Number field

Value type - number data validation: to set the number’s value type to be “string” or “integer”. If the type is integer, it will not accept decimal. However, this attribute will not work if the “Repeatable Field” attribute is checked.

5 – Range field

How many steps for Range Slider: to set number of steps per slide. Please note this step value must be divisible by Min - Max value.

Min value: to set the range slider’s lowest value. Please note that Min value must be lower than Max value.

Max value: to set the range slider’s highest value. Please note that Max value must be higher than Min value.

6 – Date field

Date Format: to set date format. Please note that this attribute will become uneditable once the field has value.

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