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It’s the place to modify the theme's settings for specific sections


Choose your header displaying style for different devices

  • Desktop style: 05 available options.
  • Mobile style: 06 available options. 
  • Enable sticky: Makes header stays still when you scroll down.

  • Enable Overlay (or transparent header): This only affects the Home page.


Shopping cart is a really important section. We bring you the most convenient interface with below options

  • Enable AJAX cart: Cart drawer appearing when a user clicks on the cart icon at the upper right corner.

  • Enable change quantity by AJAX: Allow customers change product quantity directly in shopping cart drawer.
  • Customize how the page will respond when an item added to cart:
  • Direct to Cart page
  • Direct to Checkout page
  • Show cart drawer
  • Show popup

For the popup selection, you can add recommendation popup for individual item. Refer to this instruction to learn more.

Section Heading

Particular customization for section heading & subheading

Container settings

The elements which can be set are:

  • Margin
  • Text alignment

Heading & Subheading settings

The elements which can be set are:

  • Text color
  • Font size & font weight
  • Line height

Product Card

Product card gives customers the product's primary information and you can customize displaying elements as your preference.

Product card images

For the best results, all product images should have the same ratio.

  • Image ratio: Choose one default option or you can choose a different size with the customization field below.
  • Image Auto crop: The system will automatically crop all images with the same ratio.
  • Customize image ratio: All photos will be resized as inserted image.
  • Preload image: The image which shows up before the contents appear.

Product card

Decide which elements will show up on the product's information by ticking on the options below:

  • Show vendor
  • Show quick view icon
  • Show range price
  • Show swatches
  • Hover style

Product card style

Adjust font size for the product's price and title (you can use 02 units px or rem to insert values)

  • Card title font size (Product's name)
  • Old price font size
  • Main price font size (Sale price)

Product Page

Page layout

  • You'll find the settings for page template with 04 options such as
  • Right sidebar
  • No sidebar
  • Tab information
  • Full width
  • Disable selected options: Normally when you access a product page, the system would automatically pick the 1st option in every variant for you. Ticking off this check box will disable that function.
  • Show only available variants: Out-of-stock variants will be blurred out, which helps your customers shop easier.
  • The last check box is used to hide product sidebar on mobile devices whenever you want.

Variation Swatches

Choose the way each variant will be displayed on the product card and product page by typing the variant options’ names in the text boxes below:

  • Button: display as buttons
  • Color: display as color range
  • Product variant image: display as images

To modify the variants for each product, please go to Product settings, scroll down and find the Variants settings.


Search results: Decide which type of results will show up.

  • Product: Only products that match the key words will appear.

  • Product, Page, Article, Collection: Products, pages, articles, collections which match your key words will appear.

Items to display: The quantity of products show up when typing on the search bar.

Unavailable result (sold-out products…)

  • Show: Show with other results.
  • Hide: Hide unavailable content...
  • Last: Show at the bottom of page.

Items per page: Max content quantity appears on result page.

Social Icons

This theme does not support icon font. You can add maximum 6 icons.

  • Icon type: SVG / Image / None (disable).
  • Input SVG link: Only affect if you pick SVG icon type. You can leave it blank to use the default icon.
  • Image insert: Only affect if you pick Image icon type.
  • Title: Text appears with hover effect.
  • And finally, paste your social address in the Link to field.

Default settings from icon 1 to 5 are Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Pinterest - LinkedIn.

Coming Soon page

Lock your site for repairing and preventing other users to access. To view the coming soon page, you have to activate the password protection.

  • Opening date: Insert your store opening day in format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Insert displaying Logo & Background.
  • Text color style: white or theme main color.

Checkout page

  • Make your checkout page header become more colorful by inserting a custom banner and logo.
  • Checkout page has 2 main sections: Main content area - where to fill customer’s information and Order summary area. You can customize their background by adding an image or picking a color from the color picker. With the main content area you can also change the form fields to white or let it be transparent.

Typography & colors

  • Change the font of Headings and Body as your preference or you can just use the present system font.
  • To modify theme font, please go to Theme settings > Typography.
  • Change the colors of accents, buttons and errors notification by using the color picker.

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