Header is a static section which will affect all pages.


Header Settings

  • Enable Boxed layout to add a padding around the heading section.
  • Switching on/off the Mega Navigation (Mega menu)

To change related color settings of Desktop header, please access Theme config section or Theme settings > Header to modify the operation.

  • Insert your store logo and resize the image to fit the page header.

  • Pick your Primary menu and switch the Hamburger button on with the Menu settings tab.
  • To edit/ create a new menu, go to the Navigation tab from your Shopify Admin. We suggest creating all the necessary menu(s) first.

  • Search form style: Let you choose the search bar's style.

Languages & Currencies

  • Enable a drop-down box so that the users can pick their suitable language and currency.


  • Add additional information on header.

Mega Menu

Tickets arrangement tip:

Bring the Mega Navigation op top of the tickets you want to group them into one mega menu.
[Style] tickets are used to modify the content of the other ones. Put it down below the ticket which you want to apply.

Mega Navigation

  • To activate a Mega menu, you have to enter the exact name of the Menu title into the text-box as the image below
  • Then you can adjust the height and padding for the whole block.

Mega menu 

Click Add content > Mega Menu to create a new one. You can have multiple mega menu(s) in one primary menu item.

  • Menu item: Insert/ create a menu
  • Show menu title
  • Block settings: To adjust the present menu size and padding
  • With the Column width: There are 02 ways to insert the values: Using fraction or percent numbers. But please do not use 02 different units at the same time.

Beside the traditional menu type, we have other options for your mega navigation:

1 - Mega banner

2 - Mega collection

3 - Mega banner 2

4 - Product

Click Add content and choose the menu type. Instead of normal menu type, these let you create a mega menu which displayed as a banner picture, collection or a single product. You can have multiple mega menu(s) in one primary menu item.

  • First, Insert a banner/ collection/ product.
  • Adjust its related elements.
  • Set the Block settings for the present image/ collection/ product.
  • To learn how to insert values for specific fields, please refer to this document


As the notice above, the [Style] tickets are used to modify the content of the other ones.

  • [Style] Button: Add colors & styles for the buttons.

  • [Style] Text: Adjust heading and subheading styles for Mega banner 2...

  • [Style] Product: Adjust the price display for Mega banner 2...

How to insert values for your theme.