Announcement bar is a static section which will affect all pages. To turn on/off the section, please go to Theme settings > General settings.

Announcement bar can be added more than one, due to your preference.


1 - Settings


  • Boxed layout: Add a padding around the main wrapper.
  • Responsive section visibility (apply for all announcement bars): Fill the corresponding number into the textbox to:
  • 1: show
  • 0: hide
  • Easily change the Background & text colors with the color picker.
  • Responsive Grid layout: Decide the spaces for each part of the section. Total value must equal or smaller than 100%.

For example: When you insert "60% 60%" → the 1st part will occupy 40% of the section width, the 2nd part is the remaining width.

  • Responsive Grid spacing: The space between the column grids.

Border Settings

  • Adjust the border between contents in the same Column
  • Border color
  • Border color opacity
  • Adjust the bottom border which separates your announcement bar and the header.
  • Border size
  • Border color
  • Border color opacity

2 - Content


Create a new column to group your contents, click Add content > choose Column.

  • Name your ticket in the Block label field.
  • Text alignment: Enter the value center/ left/ right.
  • Block visibility (For the current bar) : Fill the number into the textbox
  • 1: show
  • 0: hide

Item content

To create a new content in the announcement bar, click Add content > choose [+] Item content.

  • Name your block in the Block label field.
  • There are 04 Content types including:
  • Menu: You are able to add a menu on the Announcement bar by simply choosing the Menu content type then insert a menu using the Menu field below.
  • Text: Insert your paragraph in the Content field below. 
  • Social media: To modify the social icons, visit Theme settings > Social Icons.
  • Language and currency: To modify your store's currency, please go to Theme Setting > Multi Currency.