1 - Content

There are 03 types of tickets can be added

Image slide

Image settings

  • Insert image individually for desktop and mobile view, lead your customers to another page by pasting or searching for a link with Slide link field at the bottom of the current section.
  • With bigger image, you can choose the displaying position using our drop-down box. 
  • The overlay film can be modified using the color field and opacity bar, drag to 0% to hide it away.

Text box layout

  • Tick off the check box to enable text on image slide and open the dropdown to select the text alignment.
  • To modify the displaying position, drag the Vertical and Horizontal bars down below. The smaller value they are, the closer they get to left/top margin.

Text box content

  • Main content divides into 4 parts: Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2 and an extra button.

Content style

To set the style for the content above, we have:

  • Text box bold: If you want a paragraph to be bolded, please check on its box.
  • Text box font size: Allows changing text size for each part.
  • Text box color: Use the color pickers and choose their colors.

Text box animation

Animation is the action of a content when it comes.

  • There are 05 options to choose from, you can use the Delay field to set the timing for each text, also the appearing order.

Video slide

  • Firstly, go to Settings > Files and upload your video clip.
  • Copy the link then paste it into the Video link form for displaying.
  • Other text box settings are the same with Image slide ticket.

Vertical Mega navigation

  • To make this work, you have to enable mega menu in slideshow settings first.
  • Type the menu title which you are going to turn into a mega navigation in the form then use the below options to modify the content. You can refer to this document to learn more.

2 - Settings

Style and Layout

  • Open the drop-down box to choose one from available displaying style.
  • Section visibility: Tick off the box to hide Slideshow on mobile view.
  • Layout mode:
  • Boxed: Add a auto padding around the main wrapper.
  • Wide: Full page width
  • Wide with padding: Auto padding but smaller left & right spaces.
  • Change the background color using the color picker.
  • Slide height let you choose the size to display images. They are:
  • Auto
  • Adapt to first slide
  • Full screen
  • Parallax Scrolling: Use when chosen animation of slideshow is Coverflow or Slide.

Slideshow Style #1's Settings

  • Insert the Slideshow background by selecting an image from the library or uploading a new one.
  • Please notice that the vertical menu is only available when slide style #1 and header style #2 are chosen.
  • Turn on Mega navigation option to activate this function. Then you can create a Vertical mega navigation ticket and start modifying.

  • Another interesting function is you are able to add labels (Sale/Hot/New) for the menus.
  • For one defined box, multiple menus can be add, as long as one line for each title.

Auto slides & Arrows

  • In this section, we can change the slide switching time and animation action. Tick off the Navigator Next Prev go show the left & right arrows.