1 - Arena Support Team Working time

  • From 9AM to 6PM from Monday to Friday (UTC +7).
  • or From 9PM to 6AM from Sunday to Thursday (UTC -5).

2 - Responding time

  • We do our best to check your queries (tickets) on time. Reply times can vary from time to time and be up to 24 hours from Monday – Friday, and up to 48 hours on weekends due to different time zones.

3 - Check out the instruction

Please make sure you have read all available help-documents before submitting a support request.

4 - Holidays

  • Our holidays day-offs follow local laws, so that we are still available on Black Fridays, Thanks Giving, Christmas, etc… for your emergency requests. We will send a notice to you 1 week prior about our holidays.

5 - Store access

  • We highly recommend coming to us with your theme-related issues. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing access to your website with our staff members, we recommend hiring a freelance developer, whom you can work closely with, to help with your website issues. Your private developer can contact us any time for support.

Important notes which you should check-out before submitting a request.