The Collection page is the place where shows all products from each collection.


1 - Boxed layout

  • Tick on the box to add a padding around the main section wrapper. Effect on "no sidebar" template.

2 - Max number of content per row

  • Change the number of products on one row.

3 - Total items

  • Total items field decides the number of products shown on one page. Maximum is 50.

4 - Catalog mode

Activating the catalog mode will hide the Add to cart button.

  • Insert +ALL or All Products to apply to all collections.
  • For some specific ones, write down their names in the text box and separate by commas.
  • Leave it blank to disable the function.

5 - Show short description

  • Turn on/off the product's recapitulated description.
  • If you haven't create the metafields for this feature, you can find it here.

6 - List view

Lets users choose the displayed product quantity as their preference.

  • We recommend using Total items as a least common multiple.
  • For example: If you input Total items in one page is 12, the List view should be set as 12, 24, 36, etc.

How to insert values for your theme.