Follow several steps below of using custom fields for sub-collection in your Shopify Theme.

Step 1:  

  • Go to Apps on your admin account. 
  • Click to Advanced Custom Fields

  • Then, It shows you several sections as below. There is an example for creating Collection field

Step 2: In Collections field editor: 

  • Go to this link to learn how to create a new field or a group of fields
  • Drag “Text" Data Types and drop it into collection fields to create the Title for sub-collection

(Same step to create the Title for Highlight products)

  • After drag and drop “Text”, a list will appear as below. Insert data into the blanks


Please follow the default setting for Text field

  • The namespace: c_f
  • The Key:    subcollection_title (for Sub-collection)

highlight_product_title (for highlight products)

Step 3:

  • Drag and drop “Collection" from the Reference types into metafield area to create a custom collection section

(Drag and drop “Product" field to create a custom highlight product section)

  • The same list appears with the Collections, then you need to fill suitable data into the blanks


Please follow the default settings for Collection/Product field

  • The namespace: c_f
  • The Key:   subcollection (for sub-collection)

highlight_product (for highlight product)

(To show multiple products on the stores, tick off the box at the bottom)

Step 4:

  • Move to Collections > Collections/Smart Collections (depends on your store settings)

  • Choose the collections to customize. (If you want to set all the collections, click the Bulk selection)

  • Fill the Title for your section. 
  • The number of chosen collections will appear on the store by selecting it in the Collection Selection. (the same format for highlight products)

  • Remember to Save all the changes 
  • After the process is made correctly, the result will be displayed on your store.