1 - Settings


  • Breadcrumb image selector let you add a background for breadcrumb section.
  • Layout mode:
  • Boxed: Add a auto padding around the main wrapper.
  • Wide: Full page width.
  • A drop-down box which can change Collection description's position on the page (top/bottom/none)
  • And other elements which can be set are
  • Mode view
  • Sort by
  • Products per page
  • Number of products per row


  • To add content in this section, please create a Sub collection ticket.

Collection filter

To add content in this section, please create a Filter group ticket (only affect if chosen Filter type is Filter by groups).

  • At the top of the settings section, you will see a check box which allows users to filter with multiple tags in one group at the same time.

  • Filter type
  • By tags: All available tags will show up.
  • By groups: Need to create a filter block to add content for each group.
  • Filter section can be placed at page body or on sidebar. According to the position you choose, the settings fields for it will be different.

2 - Content

Top - Banner

  • The banner appearing on top of the page. We recommend using the image fit default size 1170x300px.

Sub collection

Sub-collections can be add by creating a Sub collection ticket.

  • After selecting the item you want, lets move to the other settings
  • Sub-collection image field is not required. Should you leave it blank, it will use the collection's image instead.
  • Title field is similar to the option above.
  • Main collection's handle: Type all the collections which you want to have this current sub-collection on. Blank field = disable.

Filter group

When you've chosen filter by groups option in Collection filter settings, you need to create this ticket too add the content.

  • Name: Product variant's title.
  • Tags: Write down all needed tags for your filter.