1 - Content

Standard - Description

  • Standard tab are created based on your Product description content.
  • To add more specific tabs, you can use Heading format to separate the description into new tabs.

Static - Page

  • Static tab are created based on Page content. It's useful for some content that is same for all the products like Shipping term, Size Guide, and so on.
  • It will show up as a tab beside the others.

  • To create a categories section on sidebar, click Add content > create a Sidebar Categories ticket.
  • You can choose Content Component between Menu or Categories then insert the information using related field.

  • To create a categories section on sidebar, click Add content > create a Sidebar - Banner ticket.
  • We recommend to use an image with size 270x400px.

  • To add a list of products on sidebar, click Add content > create a Sidebar - Products ticket.
  • The items are chosen from one collection. Use the Total items field to control product quantity in the section.

  • To add a list of related tags on sidebar, click Add content > create a Sidebar - Tags ticket.
  • The content is taken from product tags, drag the bar to change the number of items in the section.

2 - Settings


  • Layout mode:
  • Boxed: Add a auto padding around the main wrapper.
  • Wide: Full page width.
  • Change the background color using the color picker.
  • With elements below, tick off their boxes to activate the function
  • (1) 3D warehouse
  • (2) Pre-order button: Only for sold-out products.
  • (3) Dynamic checkout button: Instead of leading to cart page, it will lead you directly to checkout page, at the same time customer's familiar payment method has been chosen. Learn more.
  • (4) Show stock
  • (5) Show product SKU
  • (6) Show product Category
  • (7) Show share buttons

  • Sidebar placement (Left/Right/None)


  • Allow you attach custom metadata, which is additional information to a store's resources.
  • We recommend using the Advanced Custom Field app to easily create custom metafields.
  • We have used this to create a Countdown timer and show product's excerpt on product pages.

Product tabs

  • Turn on/off tabs on product pages, also switch Review section position.

Order and Shipping time

  • "Deadline for each day" field show how much time left to order if customers want their package to arrive on the day below.
  • Delivery time: Your store average delivery time (excludes weekend) and the system will estimate the receiving day.

  • For this section, you can choose the source of items: same collection or same vendor with the current product.
  • The number of items per row and total items are also can be changed by using the bars below.