1. Create JSON File for populate data (important)

This clip will show you how to create a JSON file of collections in order to insert it into your online store's Filter

Sheet sample data: 

Generation tool to convert XLSX to JSON file: https://landing.arenacommerce.com/jsonconvert/

If you don't have HTML file to convert Excel file to Json file, you can follow this link to do it.


As you can see, when customers filter the items, then the URL link of the page will appear the detail tags of each related element. 

For example, customers click on the Honda collection on the filter, then its model CBR - 500, and finally the year 2018. Thus, there will be the tags with format Collection/tag/tag on the link (collecions/honda/cbr-500+2018)

So after you complete creating the JSON data and applying it to the store settings, you should know how to add tags of each element in the collections for driving the Filter effectively and correctly on your store by learning how to use Tag Flow app