1 - Layout & Slide Settings


  • Section layout mode has 02 options
  • Boxed: Add a padding around the main wrapper
  • Wide: Page's full width
  • Slider height: Using the drop-down box to choose (Auto/ Adapt to first slide/ Full screen)
  • Parallax scrolling feature is also available to make your slideshow even more lively. A little note that it only works when the Animation is Coverflow or Slide.

Auto slides

  • Tick off the Auto rotate between slide to activate the function.
  • To adjust the timing for the slide switch, drag the Change slides every bar to the value as your preference.
  • Slide animation: Slide switching effect

  • Show Pagination: Small dots at the bottom of the slide
  • Show Navigator Next Prev: Left & Right arrows
  • Change the Navigation style will change the arrows position

2 - Adding Categories on Slideshow

This feature only shows on desktop.

  • There are 03 ways to add categories on your slide
  • Menu: Additional menu can be selected using its related field
  • All categories
  • Selected categories: Requires creation of Category ticket in the Content section.

  • To enable Mega navigation for the vertical content, you need to tick off its check box first then open a Vertical mega navigation ticket to customize.
  • Attach labels (Hot/ Sale/ New) to menu/category items: Fill the item title into the box of a label which you want to stick it on.

3 - Adding content for the Slideshow

The content types which users are able to add include Image Slide, Video Slide and Category. Vertical Mega Navigation ticket is used to turn a normal item into a mega menu.

Image & Video Slide

  • Image/ Video insert
  • For image modification you'll also get these following settings
  • Image position: With images that have bigger dimension than the section, you can choose move the display part to the position you want.
  • Overlay color & opacity

Note: Please upload your video on Shopify admin > Files first to get the link.

Text styling

  • Text box layout
  • Ticking off the box will turn on/off the text block.
  • Vertical/ Horizontal position: Drag the bars the adjust the content block position on the slide. The smaller they are, the closer they get to top/ left margin.
  • Text box content
  • 03 text fields: Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2
  • 02 custom button
  • Font size and font weight
  • Click on a text content's check box if you want them to be bold.
  • Font size can be changed for each content as well.
  • Color and Animation
  • All colors will be picked using the color pickers.
  • Animation is the effect when a object appears. You can change the delay time to decide their appearance order.

Category tickets

  • Take effect when Category type switch to Selected categories.

Vertical mega navigation

Only work with Category type - Menu.

  • Input the menu item's title which you want to turn it into a mega navigation (names must be typed exactly).
  • Background: Color or Image. Use the related fields to modify the look.
  • Column settings
  • Content components: Only fields relate to the chosen option will take effect.
  • Column's heading can be turn off on desktop version by ticking off the check box.
  • To change the arrangement, drag the settings bar to adjust the width of each column.