1 - Typography

Here is the place where you can find all settings for the theme displaying font.

  • You can choose header font and Body font separately.
  • In the Font size section below, you're allowed to adjust the size of each part by dragging the size bar.

2 - Icon

Insert all icons available in this theme as your preferences.

  • Favicon: We recommend using .png file, size 16x16px.
  • Loading icon (GIF file)
  • Icons contained in header: Using font icon or insert images.
  • Social icons (max 5)

And in the Social sharing section, you can add buttons which allows users to share your product.

3 - Colors & Style

To adjust the page layout, background and colors. The color hex code settings is also included in this tab.

  • You can follow the instruction in the settings to modify each part (using the drop-down boxes, color pickers...)

  • With the color hex code, insert in order of [color name]: #[color code] and separate the values using commas
  • For example: red: #FF0000, pink: #FFC0CB, black: #000000

4 - General settings

To set the site operation for your online store.

You will see some familiar options like:

  • Enable Lazy loading
  • Loading style choosing: Only works when Lazy loading function is on.
  • Enable Back to top button
  • Enable Search function

Other functions you can find in here are:

  • Quick view: Let customers have a quick view of products.
  • EU Cookie Policy

5 - Currency

Edit supported currencies of your online store.

  • If the Auto currency switcher on customer location option is on, the system will auto change the currency to fit it (if included in supported list).
  • You can also change the flag shapes or hide it.

For more information, please refer to this document.