Static sections are staying same for all pages.


1 - Settings

  • Section layout
  • Boxed: Add an auto padding around the section.
  • Wide: Full width of the page.

Newsletter widget

To modify the section appearance, we have:

  • Widget position: Top (right below the Icon box), Middle or None (disable).
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Text displayed on the e-mail field

To modify the newsletter storage, we have:

  • Newsletter form action: Paste the form URL in the text box.
  • You can find the guide for MailChimp and Klaviyo here.

  • This section contains Copyright information at the left side and Payment methods at the right side.
  • Use the fields below to modify the text and also the image.

2 - Content

Create blocks below to add content to your Footer. Maximum block number is 8.

Logo - Text

  • This block includes logo insert and fields to add text, phone number, address, email information and social icons.
  • You can tick off the boxes to turn on/off each section.

To add a menu at the bottom of the footer.

  • You are able to change the block width also the menu title.

Google Map

  • Using Latitude and Longitude to define the store location. Please go to this website to get the numbers.
  • Scroll wheel option will let you zoom in/out using the mouse wheel instead of + and - buttons.

Instagram - Newsletter

  • Tick off the boxes to activate each section.


  • Insert the section title and choose the displaying style (row/carousel) also adjust the max item quantity.
  • The system will require insert the Instagram Access token and User ID to connect to your account.


  • Click here for more details.


  • To bring the Blog posts into footer, click Select blog and choose from available or create a new one.
  • Drag the bars to adjust section width and total posts number.