1 - Fomo Popups

Fomo Popups

To display real-time customer activity notifications on your store.

There are 03 section in a pop-up

  • Line 1: 'Someone in' {City} {Custom Text}
  • 'Someone in' text is default settings and cannot be changed.
  • City information can be based on Customer location Geo IP/ Manual Cities list or both.
  • Line 2: {Random Products}
  • A product will be chosen randomly from the selected collection. If there is no selected category, the system will select randomly from all products.
  • Line 3: {Time Number} {Time Unit}
  • You and add multiple values, please separate them by semicolons.

Visitor Count Popup

  • Only shows on Product pages. Displaying form: {Random number of visitors} {Custom text}
  • Users are allowed to change the counter range, popup image and also the custom text field.

Discount Popup

  • Notice your customers with current sale promotion. This section only appear on product pages.
  • Users can freely modify Popup's background and texts.

2 - Cart page

To modify everything related to shopping cart function.

  • Ajax cart: A cart drawer that helps customers have a quick view of the item which they've just added and continue to shop. Change the displaying style in the Cart effect field below.

  • Catalog mode: Turning on catalog mode will hide all Add to cart buttons on your site.
  • Cart order notes: Leave a note for the shop owner.
  • Enable the Free shipping function then when customer's order value reach the number,  everything will be delivered totally free.

  • Add to cart redirect: Users will be led to checkout page immediately after adding an item to cart.
  • Shipping calculator: If your customers are logged in, their default shipping country will be selected.

3 - Product Grid

You can find the settings for product cards here, including: Displaying styles, Product image, Hover effect and other elements.

Swatch item

  • Write down all the product variants which you want to have on the product card in Swatch to show field.
  • For color variant you can choose to use images instead.
  • Other settings are:
  • Swatch shape: Circle/ Square
  • Limit swatch items to show
  • Swatch size

Product labels

  • Turn on/off for the labels (new/hot/sale)
  • To create label(s) for your products, please refer to this guide.

4 - Swatch Styles

This section is especially use to modify the variation swatches display.

  • Fill the variant names down to the box of style, separate values using commas.

If you want the size variant appears as buttons, write Size in the Button text box.

  • You can choose the shapes, width and height for the displaying styles above (except button style).

5 - Checkout

Please refer to this document for more details.